Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where do you stand on digital publishing?

G'day all;
I've been giving serious consideration to releasing "Partners" and "Homesteader" as digital, or E books.
I personaly enjoy reading "real" books; I like the feel and I'm comfortable with the concept. What books have done for mankind in the last few centuries can not be understated. What the early books ... the papirus, the hand copied bibles, the early writings of scientific pioneers ... did for the development of man and his society is nothing short of a miracle. Because of my feeling for books, I'm finding the move to E books a difficult decision.
Perhaps it's simply another step forward in the evolution of the written word. We've had the progress as mentioned above from writing on plant leaves and animal skin to multiple copies of the same work. Perhaps not being able to feel the pages your reading will be a good thing.
So all you folks out there let me know what you think. I realy want your thoughts on the subject. Perhaps, after making digital copies of "Partners" and "Homesteader" available I'll then make my first novel, "The Great Liquor War" (the prequel to "Homesteader") available. And then follow it with a collection of short stories and the sequel to "Partners".
Dave McGowan