Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another rhyme; The Making of Jake McTavish

I don't know if I'm happy with this or not. I was unloading into a large tank the other day - actually on several days - and wrote a little something that outlines the plot of "The Making of Jake McTavish". It doesn't feel "finished" to me, but then my rhymes never do. I find it the same with the novels; I often have to tell myself to "quit fiddling with it. It's done!"
So what do you think of this rhyme? Is it finished?
By the way, the cover was designed by Tracy Wandling and I think she did a great job. In the novel there is reference to the Peace River and the rapids through Portage Canyon. You can find Tracy's work at
or take a look at her watercolors at

The Making of Jake McTavish
By D.M. McGowan

Jake McTavish was a traveled man
Had worked across Canada’s western land
Worked the Great Lakes as a young deck hand
Then on Winnipeg, a commercial fisherman

Squeezed out of that with winter coming on
He was a cattle drover before a month was gone
The job came with a cabin, heat food and light
But that winter proved a long, hard and daily fight.

He came out of the winter with more beeves than he went in
But the money that was promised didn’t come to him
He did however leave with livestock and tack
And one horse toting a good sized pack

Through out the plains that summer
And into the following year
Wolf packs grew in numbers
Cleaning carrion, but then sheep and steers

So Jake became a wolfer
Getting a bounty for the ears
And more for the hides
But nothing for the tears

When opportunity offered
He changed once again
And became a drover
For another cattleman

Now some things were rough
Maybe a blanket for a bed
But Jake found he loved it
Applied for his own homestead

The months seemed to slip by
As Jake was having fun
And before long he found
The woman who was THE ONE

They worked together, built the ranch
The garden, corrals and of course the herd
Life was a dream, each a perfect match
But would have liked a baby, boy or girl

Then after a long day, away cutting poles
Jake came home to find two lives had been destroyed
Anna raped and murdered his own life a black hole
Then the law’s accusation left him more than annoyed

Jake ran life, and took Anna’s dog
Into the Omineca, trapping and alone
Though Anna was gone the memories stayed
And gnawed at him like the dog with a bone

Then two renegades try to kill him
Take his life, furs and gear
To take the wealth of his work,
Live high and disappear.

Can Jake survive, does he want to?
Will this new attack make him mad?
Will he ever solve Anna’s murder?
Or will he find something really bad?

Well now you have an outline,
But it’s really no advantage
To see the story’s end

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