Monday, April 16, 2012

Went shopping in Edmonton
on Friday and bought a lens …
Actually, my optometrist looked into my left eye on Thursday
and said, “I think you have a serious problem. You should have surgery RIGHT NOW.”
So I jumped in the pickup, drove to Edmonton, the surgeon
looked at my eye at about 10:30 Friday morning and they rolled me into the
operating room at about 4:30 that afternoon. Used their mini light sabre to
re-attach my retina, put in some gel and an air bubble and, yes, installed the
aforementioned new lens.
Kept me in over night, checked their work Saturday morning
and sent me back to the hotel. Checked their work again Sunday morning and
announced that they did a marvellous job and everything looks “just peachy-keen”.
I should be able to see out of that eye in a week and be
back to work in about two.
The work was done at the Royal
Alexandria Hospital
by Dr. Hinz and his staff of Alberta Retina Consultants; Very nice,
professional people.
I feel compelled to thank Phil Folz and Rudy Judge of Peace
Lodge 126, A.F.A.O.M. for driving down to Edmonton
on Sunday and driving my pickup (and me) back to my home. A long day for them
and the efforts of my Brethren is very much appreciated.