Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Partners" and "Homesteader" at Audrie's


Now didn’t I do a marvellous thing?
Well, perhaps not quite up to snuff, old boy!
The other night when I posted that I would be at Audrie’s Books I neglected one small little detail.
A time would help, perhaps?
I will be there on Wednesday, September 5 between noon and 1:30.
A little time like time and date does sometimes make a difference.
That’s, Audrie’s Books, 10702 Jasper Ave.,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another trip to Edmonton

I`ll be taking another little road trip and during the course of it I`ll be signing a book or two at
Audreys Books Ltd., 10702 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB 780-423-3487.
I’ll have copies of “Partners” and “Homesteader” on hand and we will also have a draw for one of the few original copies of my first novel, “The Great Liquor War”. Since “Homesteader” is a sequel and “Liquor War” is no longer available, there is a possibility to have the whole yarn.
I’m actually going down to have the last surgery on my eye. However, since the medical profession’s scheduling is up to its usual standards, I’ll be down there for two days (and most of two day travelling) to have an hour’s work done.
I hope to see some of those folks I talk to on the internet.