Sunday, March 30, 2014

Concussions are not a great deal of fun!

A month ago now I fell off a fuel storage tank and landed on my head. It was not one of my more favourable experiences. It could have been worse; for some reason my hard hat stayed on my head thereby avoiding a broken scull. As it is I’ve been a month attempting to give a “bleed” time to heal up. In addition I’ve had continual days of headaches. They have reduced now in intensity and are no longer filling every hour of every day.
I had intended to spend my time writing a short story which I would then post here but I have been unable to concentrate long enough to write such. Yes, I have begun one, but I have only managed to get started.
And will, at some point in the future complete it and offer it for your entertainment. Yes, as with most of my story efforts it will include some history and could be concidered "historical fiction" or a "western."
Speaking of entertainment I offer a link to some very excellent of such for your enjoyment. I discovered during this recuperation an excellent musician and a very funny entertainer. His name is Mike Rayburn and some clips of his work can be seen at
A goodly part of one of his corporate presentations can also be viewed at