Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parlour, merchantile, & how much is enough?

Just spent some time in Barkerville again. Did some research for a story I'm working on and took a picture or two.
This is a great place to visit, although the legs were getting a little shakey; I'm not used to that much walking. Here is a parlour from (I think) the John Bowron house.

And here is a shot of the Mason & Daley store

And a bar sign we saw in Quesnel on the way back to Prince George.
Name your Poison!

Don't forget to take a look at the video up there on the right. I don't think it's as humerous as the bar sign, but you might get a chuckle.
If you're scared of that link click on this one;

The research I was doing while there was for a sequel to "Partners". I actually started the story more than 2 years ago but ran into a place where I needed some population info ... even though I write fiction I like to include historical events when possible and keep the facts accurate ... and should be able to get back to that sequel once I've completed the 2 other projects I'm working on now.
The archives at Barkerville, and the young woman who helped me are marvelous.
The curator also came over, said hello and offered some information.
Great town, great historical site with marvelous staff. Top notch campgrounds (no hook-ups but quiet, clean including the showers), three B&Bs and motel just down the way in Wells.
If you haven't been to Barkerville you're missing out on a great day or two - or however long you want it to be.