Monday, August 16, 2010

Saving our country

It's been some time since I posted here, but now I'm back. I've gone a few rounds with cancer over the past few months but it looks like I've beat it. Now that my mind isn't working on that perhaps I can get back to writing on this blog, the novel I'm working on, or perhaps a few short stories.
More about that in the next post.
I accidentaly fell into a great blog that talks about one of our greatest ... if not our biggest ... problems here in Canada; immigrants to this greatest of all coutnries that are doing their best to destroy that country.
Neither Werner Patel, the author of this blog nor myself are suggesting that immigration should stop. I can't actually speak for Mr. Patel but it appears that he is in favour of immigration as am I; or at least true immigrants which he describes as 'homesteaders'. He credits George Jonas as the author of this descriptive title for the productive immigrant as well as other less complimentary titles for the many other immigrants who are quickly destroying our land.
They appear to be like the farmer from the fairy tale who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.
I strongly suggest you go to Mr. Patel's site and read what he has to say. There is a slim chance that if we follow what he has written we may be able to save this country.
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