Thursday, December 25, 2008

I just don’t seem to have enough time to write and can get ‘antsy’ when I don’t. Perhaps by writing a little at each opportunity on a blog I can calm the effects of not responding to this need.
I would prefer to spend all my time writing and, judging by the initial success of and excellent reviews for my latest release, perhaps someday I can. It’s called ‘Partners’ and can been seen at
SBP is presently looking at another example of my work, tentatively called ‘Homesteader’ and perhaps we can have it available in Feb.
Karen, my wife recently sold her business in Dawson Creek and is now concentrating on the distribution of good health with Juice Plus. This is an awesome product and I don’t think I could be delivering fuel at my age if I wasn’t taking it.
And, yes, that’s what brings home the bacon – delivering fuel in an area about 150 miles wide by 300 north to south. The truck I have been driving lately is pictured at the top. The picture was taken in June of ’08 at the summit of Highway 59 which leads from Dawson Creek to Tumbler Ridge, BC. We are at approximately 1124 meters (3687 ft.) and the camera is facing west.
On this site I plan to talk about some of the things that rile me, some of the things I enjoy, writing styles, history (or more precisely, the entertainment inherent in history) and anything else that might cross my mind.

Drivers that don’t turn their lights on!
Simple entertainment such as what was written by Louis L’Amour.
Convoluted attempts at writing that are more about perpetuating Olde English than about communication.
History is life, not the year that someone left or arrived.

But before I get on a rant about any of these subjects ….
Another day.

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