Monday, September 17, 2012

Dinner Concert wioth Matt Pattershuk

I'm looking forward to a concert we're about to have here at Diamond Willow Retreat. Matt Pattershuk is coming up to present some of the great material he has written and I'm sure he will also cover a few numbers that the audiance will recognize.
I'm very much looking forward to it.
Barbara Munro will open the evening's entertainment with a few songs, again, some of them will be her own.
And the singing will be hers, even if she's singing someone else's song.
Just so you know.
Of course I've heard Barb many times and always have and always will enjoy her work.
Matt, on the other hand, I've only heard once. However I was very greatly impressed during that one short evening and am looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to his appearance here.
Promisses to be a great evening with Karen's meal served at 6:00 and the entertainment to start at 7:00

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