Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New "Partners" reviews

As I wrote in the last post, I have some new reviews for "Partners" and here they are.
Not only do I appreciate the praise, but along with enjoying, all three also got the points I intended/
Review by Anne Boling for Reader’s Favorite
“Partners” by Dave McGowan transported me back to the year 1866. Unseen, I journeyed alongside Thomas Brash in his attempt to escape memories. He left behind his hundred acre farm, a teaching position, everything he once thought was important. After burying his wife and two children he just wanted to escape all that was familiar. All Tom wanted was to be alone. Along his tiresome journey he witnessed the cruel acts of two men and the bravery of a boy. Without thinking Tom stepped in to assist the boy, Frank Clement. Frank declared he would travel with Tom to protect him. At first it irritated Tom but he knew Frank was a better shot than he was and he had more “wilderness smarts.”
“Partners” is quite an adventure. Dave McGowan deftly combines action, adventure, history and a hint of romance to create a fascinating western. The plot moves along at a steady pace. I was particularly fond of Frank. He was a rather adorable boy: stubborn, strong willed, impulsive and compassionate, living on his own after losing his parents. Thomas was interesting: he was intelligent, compassionate and had a few surprises for Frank. Clyde and Sam are secondary characters but they add much to the plot. I was not fond of Alex; his reaction to Frank seemed cold.
Dave McGowan is a talented author. Fans of westerns need to make note of his name for they will want to follow all of his works.
Review by Trudi LoPreto for Reader’s Favorite

"Partners" by David McGowan is a part fiction and a part historical western story. The Partners in this story are two very different people – an older man and a young boy.
"Partners" is a study in human character. David McGowan has written a story that is believable with a strong plot. He mixed [historical] characters with things he has created together in a perfect blend. He offers the reader great details and explanations of how hard life was in the 1860’s for both the White Man and the Indian.
if you are a fan of Western genre with a thrust in details, this is a book you will enjoy.
Review by Alice DiNizo for Reader’s Favorite
In early June of 1866, thirty-five year old Tom Brash has abandoned both a teaching career and one hundred acres of farmland that he owned free and clear in Kingston
"Partners" by David McGowan is a readable, enjoyable Western about two men … distanced by upbringing and age … become good friends and partners in adventure as they fight and think their way out of situation after situation in the post Civil War west.
Good dialogue and short, succinct chapters make "Partners" a delightful read for history and western fans alike. The author's comments at the story's conclusion, that tell of actual people from that era, is enlightening for he tells of actual events that are woven into "Partners", a story no one should skip!

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