Saturday, July 6, 2013

More pictures from Barkerville

As mentioned earlier I took a few more pictures of Barkerville on my last trip.

Those I took 3 years ago are on "my pictures" and you're welcome to take a look - a couple of coaches, the BX stables and street pics.

This time I took several of plaques and a couple of buildings I missed last time.
Williams Creek school. This is one of the buildings that was rebuilt from the original plans. One of my characters in the sequel to "Partners" (which, at this point I'm calling "Underbelly") is tutoring a few young people, therefore I need to know where his (fictional) students came from.

 Barkerville fire.
On September 16, 1868 close to 2/3 rds of Barkerville burned down. This plaque, believed to be at the site of ignition commemorates that. I plan to include this disaster in "Underbelly."

 Dillar Claim
 Stout's Gulch. Edward (Ned) Stout lived for many years in the BC goldfields. He was involved in the "Thompson War" in 1858 and was one of 5 survivors of a party of 26. He died in Yale in 1924
 Kelly Saloon, one of many that operated in Barkerville. There was also a local brewery and distillary although spirits were also freighted in. I have one of my characters owning one of the hotels and playing long poker games where a great deal of gold changes hands in places like this. I have tried to avoid using the names of actual hotels. There were gamblers who owned or worked in particular hotels but they tended to move around a great deal.
This plaque commemorating "Scotch Jenny" is on the road between Barkerville and Richfield. The drop into the canyon - and others like it in the area - undoubtadly took several lives. The picture on the plaque was taken in front of the Pioneer Saloon in Centreville, another of the small communities in the area that no longer exits.

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