Saturday, February 22, 2014

Partners in music acknowledging a leader

Over the years I’ve done a variety of things as it says on the bio on the back of my novels. That’s one of the requirements when one is interested in artistic endeavours such as writing novels and playing music. Doing all those things has built some marvellous memories brought back with great strength when musician, Ray Gathercole posted these pictures. I don’t have pictures of this event and Ray has graciously allowed me to post them here.

The event in question took place April 16, 1970 in the (old and long gone) Charlie Lake Community Hall. A fellow musician (one of those with a well paying steady job) had just taken a better position with a petrochemical company in Grande Prairie, Alberta and was leaving our area. The local musicians, (spear-headed by Gerry Chilli I believe who is pictured) rented the hall and spent an afternoon acknowledging and honouring Butch Peterson, an exceptionally fine guitar player.

Bob Slavik-steel, Ray Gethercole-guitar, Dave McGowan-rhythm&vocal, Gerry Chilli-drums

Lawson Clark-bass, (can't remember a name, Russ?), Buddy Clark-accordion, Lyle Lippert-guitar
A year before this event, during August and into September of 1969 some of those pictured toured from Dawson Creek, BC to Dawson City, YT where we played for “Discovery Days”. We played in almost every small community along the Alaska Highway except for the capitol of the Yukon, Whitehorse.
Those who made the trip:
Gerry Chilli, drums.
Buddy (James) Clark, accordion and bass
Shirley Clark, chief cook and door
Lawson Clark, bass
Chuck Gullion, pedal steel guitar
Dave McGowan, rhythm guitar, vocals.
Bob Slavik, lead guitar.
The steel Bob Slavik, is playing here, a Rogers, he bought from Chuck who replaced it with a ShoBud.
The guitar I'm playing is a Gibson Humingbird which was a great unit I wish I still had although it was not as good as the Gibson J-45 it replaced.

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  1. We all looked quite dapper back in the 70s. I was teaching high school and wore ties that must have been a foot wide. But the leisure suits -- sweet