Thursday, October 2, 2014

Old Time Threshing

No (for some of the younger) this is not a post about talking to some un-likable person by hand. It’s about separating cereal grain from the (ripe) dry plant in a manner in many areas prior to 1955 and in some places well into the 1970s.

My Uncle Sam cut and bundled about 8 acres on the front of the field next to his house and my cousins and their children stooked (standing the bundles up so they will continue to ripen and dry) it. With the help of many friends who also have heavy draft horses and some wagons a threshing was held on Sept. 20, 2014. I didn't actually count them but there was well over 100 people in attendance, helping, watching, and either evoking memories or building new ones.

Here are a few pictures from the day.
There was also a team of tough little Fjords there hauling children (and the occassional adult) around but for some reason that picture does not want to down-load.

Here's a pretty paint team bringing in another load of oat bundles.

A couple of hard working volunteers feeding the threshing machine.

Sam's Oliver 88 powering the threshing machine with little effort

Sam Roberts and his team heading for the field and another load of bundles

Having just hauled a load of oats to the grainary

Sam Roberts and Gordon Meek

1928 "General Motors Truck" almost finished restoration - and the usual cell phone interruption but they did help to record the event.


  1. Enjoyed this. The teams of horses are really handsome. I just barely remember binders and threshing from the 1940s, though without the horses.

  2. Glad you enjoyed, Ron.
    I worked on a ranch back in the early sixties that had 3 teams, two wagon decks and a box wagon. The binder was still run with a team as well. One of two McCormick tractors ran the thresher.
    It was just as much work on the day pictured but 8 acres instead of 80 and a lot more people involved.
    Then again, most of the people older than half of those involved on the Ranch.