Monday, September 7, 2015

Changing Plans, Driving, Braking, Waiting your turn.

Apparently my title “Jake’s Justice” is not a good idea since there are at least two others out there and may lead to confusion about my novel. The other two have nothing to do with Jake McTavish looking for justice for the rape and murder of his wife. Nor do they appear to be located in the North West Territories in the 1890s although I have read neither of them. Therefore we (I have a couple helping me including Tracy Wandling; looker her up on Google and try one of her services) have to come up with a new title.
More info to follow, such as what the title will be.
I’ve also been working on another new one, same local and era as Jake’s story and, so far, I’m calling that one “Cattle Business.”
A couple of ideas for a cover:

There is seldom a day goes by that I am not cut off by someone as I’m rolling along with a load of Diesel fuel or gasoline; certainly not less than once a week. Therefore I’m posting something I believe important for the health and welfare of all.

Semi-truck driver, Eric Boling Bracey, posted what he labeled as a public service announcement to his Facebook page.
His objective: To show people how difficult it is to stop a semi-truck and what fellow drivers on the road should or should not do when they encounter a large tractor-trailer.
According to Bracey, it takes 414 feet of road for a 10 foot, 44,000 pound semi-truck to come to a complete stop when traveling at 60 miles per hour.
“I’m telling you this so that the next time you’re on the road, on the express way, and you see a truck, don’t pull in front of it and hit your breaks. Because you could die.” Eric explains. “And I would have to live with the fact that I killed somebody.”
Eric also suggests that when a driver is coming off an exit ramp and a semi-truck is coming down the far right lane, either hit the gas or hit the brakes because a truck can’t move, but “you can.”

Remembering these important tips on the road will make the highways and byways safer places for cars and trucks alike.

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