Saturday, October 24, 2015

Press Release for GLW (2)

Strategic has finally sent out a press release for the re-release of my first novel from 1998 which now has the new look and a new source. It's in PDF and looks a bit different than what I'm posting here -- a picture of the book cover which is over to the right and a pic of me which also appears on the back of the book. What I'm posting here is just the text.
What do you think of it?

Contact: Ellen Green, Press Manager, Strategic Book Group -


Ex-Gold Miner Caught in Power Struggle in Exciting Western

In the 1880s, prospective gold miners flooded the
West trying to find the motherlode. Realizing that the
life of a miner isn’t as rewarding or romantic as he
expected, Hank James is ready to quit panning for
gold in British Columbia and look for other
When he hears a prizefight will be fought in town, he
attends, and with the help of the fight referee, wins big
betting on the bout. Hank takes his winnings and
heads for a new job, hauling freight with pack horses
for contractors building the transcontinental railroad.
As two opposing factions of the police fight for
control of the project, including the liquor sales, Hank
tries to steer clear of their turf war.
While the police are fighting their own battles, no one
is looking for the real crooks, particularly those
stealing Hank’s horses. Does he need to take the law
into his own hands? This action-packed Western really
“This Western hits all the right notes for fans of the popular genre. We are thrilled to announce
its release,” said Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

Watch the video at:

About the Author: After a variety of work experiences, D.M. McGowan has
now returned to work as a commercial driver and lives near Mile “0” of the
world-famous Alaska Highway. His stories bring Canadian history to life. “I
believe in seeing morality and societal responsibility rewarded. Too much of
today’s fiction seems to lead into the dark instead of the light.”
Author websites: and

THE GREAT LIQUOR WAR (ISBN: 978-1-68181-085-0) is now available for $13.95 

and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: or at or
WHOLESALERS: This book is distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors.
Contact your representative with the ISBN for purchase. Wholesale purchase for retailers,
universities, libraries, and other organizations is also available through the publisher; please email
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co, LLC

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