Sunday, December 13, 2015

What is “The Making of Jake McTavish” about?

Before I get up on my soap box, here are videos for four novels, the latest, (and best one) first … and they didn’t spell my name wrong as they did with “Liquor War.”

Available in print now and in several formats as an ebook by mid-December.

“Jake McTavish” is about a man waking up to the need to look after himself.
It’s about the responsibility all of us have in making our homes safe not only for those close to us and ourselves but, having accomplished that, for our neighbors.
Yes, we have hired people to care for our safety, but sometimes it isn’t possible for them to ensure that task can be completed. Sometimes, and probably most often, they can’t carry out their assigned tasks to a successful conclusion because of timing; they just aren’t on-site when the support is needed. Sometimes it’s because a law can not be enforced because to do so will conflict with another one, or perhaps more than one.

If our society begins to deteriorate – or is deteriorating - it will be because those who make up that society – each one of us – did not live up to our responsibility.
Yes, that includes the large destructive actions made by groups such as the Canadian Government and the RCMP in Winnipeg in 1919 (actually still the North West M.P at that time), in Estevan in 1933 and Regina in 1935.
Actions I don’t think either body is sufficiently ashamed of.
Or the refusal of the Western World to allow the many Jewish refugee ships to dock during their attempt to escape from Nazi Germany in 1939.
Actions I don’t think any of the countries (primarily England, USA, and Canada) involved have realized how disgusting that was.
If everyone actually did realize how many deaths were the ultimate results of those actions of 1939, perhaps the response to world events in the late months of 2015 would be a little different.
Immigration has always created work for those already within the country accepting the immigrants. In the latter years of the 1950s for example Canada accepted refugees from Hungary which resulted in growth in the early years of the ‘60s.
This is partly due to an increase in jobs and a slight decrease (as a percentage) in those trained for some jobs. However it also pulls dollars out of government bodies that are holding OWR money for their pet projects (many of which we don’t think they should be involved in) and spending it in areas that don’t do the general populous much good.

Can someone tell me why we spend millions of dollars each year for pension plans for retired politicians, non of whom did anything that would entitle them to any more consideration (often less) than any other citizen?
I’ll stop right there. If I don’t I’ll be into the mistreatment of veterans and those in retirement homes and many other subjects that will just increase my blood-pressure and be off topic.

So, what is “The Making of Jake McTavish” about? It’s about doing your job. If someone isn’t doing their job, you may have to step up and take part (or all) of that job as well. If some of the rules you are expected to live by prove to interfere with a moral responsibility perhaps some of those rules will have to be bent a little.
Yes, I did and still do in small ways such as writing this. However, I’ve put in enough years and effort that it is now your turn.

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