Thursday, February 18, 2016

Alive despite the renegades

I've recently replaces the information on "Partners" on the page and will post that here.
"Partners" is my second published novel and the first done through SBPRA. I'm doing the update on info for it first since I want to do "The Great Liquor War" (1st published and 3rd with SBPRA as a 2nd edition) and "Homesteader: Finding Sharon" (3rd published and 2nd with SBPRA)  back to back since the characters - and their story - continue in "Homesteader".
However, here is the new "blurb" for "Partners".


Tom Brash is educated, traveled, trained and for 1866 well aged
Frank Clement is uncouth, unsophisticated, uneducated and young.
Tom believes young Frank who has no idea where they are or the dangers they face will not survive traveling alone.
Frank thinks the “old man” will get himself killed with his fancy talk and fancy guns.
Can they work together to fend off the renegades trying to kill them out on the plains in Canada’s Western Wilderness? Will their differences make it  impossible to work together at all?
Ride along with these men who find renegades, Blackfoot, US Cavalry, gold miners, policemen, thieves and killers.

From the same vault that holds the work of William Johnstone, Matt Braun, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour.

Watch a video trailer for Partners at: 

Praise for “Partners”:
From the Burton Review
This is a story that flows easily between the concept of camaraderie and the intense events that the partners endure together
From Barbara Martin
Partners is a well told story that entertains and educates. It's a long book too, providing a big read for your money.
From Clayton Bye
If you enjoy westerns or historical yarns, Partners will offer a unique and refreshing read.
From Anne Boling for Reader's Favorite (5 stars of 5)
"Partners" is quite an adventure. ... Dave McGowan is a talented author.

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