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Paying the price for rape and murder

Paying the price for rape and murder

“The Making of Jake McTavish”

This is the fourth published novel and in it I managed to include some stories I had heard from pioneers to the Peace River Country. True I changed them a great deal to fit my story line but those stores where what started me on this yarn in the first place.
And then the story took over and lead me places I had not intention of going.
As with most of my novels there are some weapons mentioned, most notably the Cold New Army "Sheriff's Model", the Colt Navy .36 and the Remington .41 rim-fire deringer.
I hope the reader enjoys how Jake uses a Winchester to quell rudeness.
By the way, if it was made by Derringer (who made some early small arms) it is spelled with two r's. If it was made by someone else (such as Remington) it has one r; I expect to get around any infringement problems.
Remington .41 rim-fire
At the end of "The Making of Jake McTavish" there are the usual notes about what actual history is in the yarn but there is also an excerpt from another work I have ready that, so far is entitled "Red Serge to Cattle Business." However, it will be some months before that one is available.

“The Making of Jake McTavish”

Jake’s wife is raped and murdered. A lazy Mountie accuses Jake of the crimes. Angry, in shock and trying to erase the vision of his wife’s body Jake runs into the mountains.
But running away did not erase the vision. Hiding alone and the passage of time did not decrease – and may have increased – his anger. When two renegades try to kill him and steal his furs Jake realizes that he needs to face the vision from the past. To erase it he needs to hunt it down, find out who killed her and see they pay.
First he has to survive.

From the same vault that holds the work of William Johnstone, Matt Braun, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour.

Watch a video trailer for “The Making of Jake McTavish” at

Praise for “The Making of Jake McTavish”

From Cold Coffee Press:
Well-developed characters and true to life settings with descriptive writing put the reader into the story … incredible story telling.

And here is a free sample of the ebook version of “The Making of Jake McTavish”.

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