Monday, March 7, 2016

New Praise for "Partners"

Here is a review from Tracy Lynn of one of my earlier novels, “Partners” a short explanation of which I posted not many days ago. (That is, scroll down and take a look)
Tracy has been to Diamond Willow a couple of times and performed many of the songs she has written (along with a few “covers”) and she does a great job not only as an entertainer but as a song writer.
Take a look at Tracy Lynn on Facebook or at Sound Waves Lesson Studio also on FB.
Which reminds me, if you are any where in the Courtenay, BC area (mid Vancouver Island) and are looking for music lessons, give her a call.
Guitar Instructor at SOUND WAVES Lesson Studio
Tracy also has a couple of CDs which are awesome.

Review of “Partners” by Tracy Lynn

'Swinging around in the saddle to check the loads on his two pack horses, he thought of that other life.' Those words could not have met my eyes at more timely juncture in my own life. I turned the overhead light on and commenced reading Dave's  book Partners. As the plane rumbled around me I was taken back through time to experience the unlikely partnership of Tom and Frank. Dave's attention to detail left me drawing my shoulders up close to my ears as I  sneaked through the bushes behind level headed Tom...hoping I wouldn't be spotted! Frank's feisty inquisitive character made me chuckle aloud as Dave articulates the young man's youth and inexperience as well as his education through many hard knocks. The conversations between this pair are believable. Their exchanges build a unique and respectful relationship that made me laugh and sometimes shake my head! Dave's knowledge of guns, the outdoors, hours in the saddle and his subjects in general make for a very interesting read. The story unfolds and introduces new characters at just the right time, all integral. Partners is a keeper for my library. I enjoyed every word on every page. I look forward to reading more of Dave's work.  Tracy Lynn

Follow the song in your heart.

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