Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Very Low Place in Our History!

 ... and a few reviews.
No, the cartoon has nothing to do with the post, but it does help to raise the status from the depths of sadness.

I would like to know how we came to this very low place.
We have provincial elections taking place in a couple of Canada’s provinces and with most elections in memory there does not seem to be any chance of improvement.
One of the choices seems to think that nothing matters but the creation of jobs while the wants and needs of those actually making things work are ignored.
The other choices all seem to think that if they spend all the money they can borrow (the voter’s cash) to spend on programs they will save the world.
Both sides then make promises that are at odds with their basic ideas in hopes of confusing the voter into thinking their destructive ideas might not be implemented.
There was a time when sacrificing one’s independence for the duty of leadership was a noble calling.
It appears to have become the least laudatory of any effort and only a means to an inflated and un-earned pension.
The whole thing – and the results of recent elections – excite strong concerns about the future.
Therefore, I will avoid such dark thoughts and write no more about it. I will vote, as we all should, and complain when they institute programs that are a disaster as all of them will.
Instead I’ll post a collection of reviews for “The Making of Jake McTavish”.
I would very much appreciate those who have read my novels posting their thoughts in the review sections at
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Review of “The Making of Jake McTavish” from Western Writers of America.

D.M. McGOWAN. The Making of Jake McTavish. Strategic Book Publishing. Trade paperback, 229 pages, $15, The author of Partners and The Great Liquor War again focuses on Canada’s Wild West in this tale of revenge. Jake McTavish has been a loner since his wife was murdered, but when two thugs waylay him and kill his dog … well, McTavish is awakened – “and a whole lot meaner.” D.M. McGowan writes in such an easy-to-read style and with attention to detail and some unexpected twists and turns.

 I loved loved loved this book November 22, 2016
I loved loved loved this book. Ended up not getting much sleep that day because I couldn't put it down and the ending was not at all what I expected to be the final result. This is a really great book. It is an easy read and a fascinating story. Very well done and definitely worth the money. Now just have to get the rest of his books.

 McGowan Scores Again April 9, 2016
Another good western by D. M. McGowan. The author combines a plot full of twists and turns with a well-described setting mainly in the foothills and mountains of Alberta and BC. There are accurate references to historical events that took place in the area. Interesting titbits are inserted about how a man could survive in the wilderness if resourceful. The characters are believable. I especially liked Jake's rather cutting wit. Paula, with her independent spirit and determination, is refreshing compared to the paper-thin development of the female in traditional westerns. I'm looking forward to Mr. McGowan's next book - Cattle Business.

 Great Story telling! March 23, 2016
Darn it all, I'm off my feed this morning. Had to finish the book far into the night. The Chapters were short and kept introducing interesting twists and turns. Great story-telling!

style='box-sizing: border-box;orphans: auto;text-align:start;widows: 1; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;word-spacing:0px' v:shapes="_x0000_i1028"> Journey for Justice December 20, 2015

Well-developed characters and true to life settings with descriptive writing put the reader into the story. The main character Jake McTavish stands alone in his empty cabin with his thoughts that he voiced to his blue tick hound, “Maybe I’ll just have t’shoot somebody. That way the government will have t’ feed us ‘til they punch my ticket and bury me.”

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