Sunday, July 9, 2017

What can be seen at a Festival

I went up to Fort St. John, yesterday for one of the short concerts promoting the “Alaska Highway 75th Anniversary” CD. Recited my short rhyme, “The Road That Couldn’t Be Done” and sang a couple of songs from the era.
I managed not to have to re-write any of them too badly and didn’t fall of the stage or anything.
I missed some of the presentation but what I heard was very well done by all; A good presentation.
It reminded me that I wanted to post some artists I like very much.
Here is the Gibson Brothers who usually put on their Sunday go t’ mettin’ clothes for their shows, something we all used to do and I enjoyed it. Now days it “just isn’t done.” This is the video for one song so it is short … probably to short considering the caliber of work.

The Gibson Brothers – They Called it Music

The next one is a group called “Iron Horse.” I heard this done by our MLA (Dawson Creek mayor at the time) and though he did an amazing job it wasn’t anything like this.

Iron Horse with Rocket Man

The next video is of the Luckett County Fair and it gives some idea of the open, friendly atmosphere at a Bluegrass Festival. The first two fellas (Patent Pending) do a great job jamming and the next presentation is the Hillbilly Gypsies.

Luckett’s Fair Bluegrass (Patent Pending and Hillbilly Gypsies)

I don’t know the next group but I wouldn’t be surprised if they prove to be from Stoney Creek, Ontario (Hamilton). This is a video trailer for one of their releases and the brush looks much like what I have experienced along Blue Mountain.

Come Stay Awhile – Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band

The last is a most of a live show from the Steel Drivers and is about 45 minuets in length. There is amazing harmony and musicianship all through but the gospel number right at the start is outstanding.

The Steel Drivers live

Enjoy … and if you need more entertainment, well try one of my novels.

By the way, a comment on any of these videos would be much appreciated both by me and the entertainers putting on the show(s).

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